Self-Portrait with Technology Reflection

This is a media artefact based on the idea of self-identity being demonstrated through a range of media in such way that to use technology to construct self-identity in the digital world. This project enables me to think about what kind of technology I wanted to use in order to show the ideas of digital identity, I decided to use Adobe Photoshop as it allows me to manipulate the image to make a mask on top of the image. This idea behind this is that I wanted to emphasis that there are two identities between the real world and the digital world.

The challenge of this project is that how to create an artefact which can be understood as soon as the viewer sees the artefact at first sight. By completing this project, I have learned that the current technology enables me to take advantage of the tools and techniques in order to create a very interesting self-portrait, very surprised with the outcome because when show it to the class, everyone understanding the message that I am trying to send across. This topic is interest and related to my learning practice because it raises the awareness of privacy and reader only see what the publisher want them to see in the digital world.


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