Getting Started

Welcome back,

This is my blog and it will be used as part of the course for Research and Enquiry for my MA in Digital Media Arts to cover the following topics:

  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Reflective Practice Blog Posts
  • Critical Analysis

Also beside the Research and Enquiry project another project has been given on the same week. This is in relation to Practice 1: Media, for the next seven weeks we should have completed a project for each week in order to make up the seven project as well as with two further developed project.

Each week, a topic has been given and we will require to complete based on that topic. Once completed, the following week I have to present my finished project to the class and explain the concept and reasons behind it. On completion of the presentation, feedback will be given from the teacher such as areas for improvement and areas that are good.

During lesson time, a detailed assignment has been given. This project require to produce a media artefact which is based on the idea of your identity being projected through a range of media in ways that show the operation of technology on the construction of identity in a digital world. The project require around 15 hours to complete. So I probably spend about 1 hour in planning, 1 to 2 hours concepualising and 12 to 13 hours to creating the media artefact.


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