Self-Portrait Progress

First thing was to gathering all the self-portraits into one folder and the software I will be using for this project is Adobe Photoshop. At this point, it is just to experiment, play about and try to apply it into the portrait. I will keep you updated about the progress and later on screenshots will be added to future posts.

Stared to experiment with my own portrait and of course there will be improvements as it is not the completed piece of work. The meaning of the portrait I am trying to show is that in the digital world some people are only showing their best side of it. However, they don’t show the bad side and this is why they chose to use a mask to hide their true personality. Trying to use different colour gradient/scheme for the background, crop the image to insert into a new layer and create another face and mask it into the portrait to create mask. Also use filter and shades to present my idea.

Portrait Collections:

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Progress for creating a self-portrait with technology:

begin(Created By: Francisco)

process(Created By: Francisco)

finish(Created By: Francisco)

finished(Created By: Francisco)


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