Scanning; A Journey Through DMA

This week’s project is to take the reader on a path exploring the field of Digital Media Arts according to a given organising principle. The artefact should explore ways of giving readers access to a substantial range of material in ways that allow them to understand the connections between individual items.

Using timeline to show what is Digital Media Arts and relevant history behind it. It should be more details in a specific area/field with appropriate images etc…

Digital Media Arts  is a study of animation, film and broadcast fusion media in a new digital world.

After reading some academic journals in relation to multimedia in invention, ingenuity and vision.

The following are the five areas which have developed over time:

  • Visionaries;
  • Text, Processing and Software;
  • Computers;
  • Audio & Communication;
  • Video & Animation;

I have decided to show a journey through Video & Animation in an video/animated format as watching animation was exciting and had a very good childhood. Therefore, wanted to show to the reader how technologies both hardware and software have evolved over the years.


Barabash, C. & Kyllo, J. The History and Development of Multimedia. A Story Of Invention, Ingenuity And Vision. University of Calgery, Canada. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 07 October 2016]

Anon, Media Art Net | Overview of Media Art. [ONLINE] Available at: %5BAccessed 07 October 2016]


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