Research & Enquiry Blog

In the previous week, we had a brief details for this research assignment and this week we have our hands on the detailed assignment, the following information is what it required in order to achieve a high grade for this module.

  1. Annotated bibliography;
    • Contain ten to fifteen sources related to my practice (Digital Media Arts).
    • At least five from academic books or academic journals.
  2. Ten to fifteen reflective posts;
  3. A detailed critical analysis;
    • One section of one text (Two pages maximum).
    • 1000 words (+ or – 10%).

The following characteristics are expected to have in the blog.

  • Currency – Up-to-date ideas, information and practice;
  • Authoritative – Peer-reviewed good quality sources
  • Focused – Aim to tackle a narrowing but important range of material;
  • Primary Sources – Original works, sources, performances, film or texts;
  • Secondary Sources – Critical commentaries about original works or texts;

Finally, there are annotation examples to demonstrate what a good annotation should look like.


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