Decision Making

Initial start point was to use Adobe Premiere Pro to create a movie rolling credit alike to display texts as the video progress. The downside is that Premiere Pro was not the perfect software for text based animation and time consuming as it will require more than a week in order to complete the text animation. On the other hand, using Adobe After Effects for text based animation was the perfect software as it contains a large amount of presets and just apply those into the text and it become animated. However, if this is going to the one of the further develop project then I will use After Effects to create customised text animation and import it into Premiere Pro for a better animated video.

However, the final decision has been is that the Video and Animation timeline will be developed using only Adobe After Effects, this is because I have encountered issues when importing After Effects file into Premiere Pro as the file was unable to use and I was not able to find a solution for this problem. Also it was less options in terms of available presets to chose from. At this point, I decided to import all of the required images into After Effects and start animation those texts. More updates will be added to inform the development progress.


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