Scanning; A Journey Through Video & Animation (DMA) Completion

This is the final completion of this project. Below are some of the screenshots to demonstrate the progress of develop a timeline in a video format. I started to use folder to storage images for easy access. Once is all done, I spent some time to finalise the Video and Animation project. For example, ensure those texts are displayed onscreen for longer if it was a long piece of text so the reader has enough time to read what the image was about. Also the video clip is under three minutes as I wanted to ensure the video is short and get the message across to the reader without reading a lot of texts. Finally, a background music has been added to the video to get the reader’s attention as nobody would like to watch or read a plain and dull video which is why a background music was added to improve the quality of the video.

Once, the Video and Animation timeline is compete. The clip then exported to Adobe Media Encoder to render in high resolution. It has been successfully rendered in a MP4 video format and has been reviewed and checked to ensure it is ready to present in front of the class and explain the reasons behind this video clip.

Video created in Adobe After Effects

Created By: Francisco

Created By: Francisco

Created By: Francisco

Created By: Francisco

Rendered in Adobe Media Encoder

Created By: Francisco

A Journey Through Video & Animation

Created By: Francisco


e-soundtrax. 2015. Amazing & Beautiful Cinematic Background Music For Videos. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 11 October 2016].


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