Scanning: A Journey Through DMA Reflection

This artefact takes the reader on a path exploring the field of digital media arts and I have decided that this is a video and animation timeline to show the significant events which has happened since 1839 to present days.

This project enables me to think through the areas in digital media arts as showed below:

  • Visionaries
  • Text, Processing & Software
  • Computers
  • Audio & Communication
  • Video & Animation

After done a lot of in-depth research in relation to video and animation, I was surprised that how this area was changed rapidly in terms of graphic performance, animation realism and photo-realism. This was a very interesting topic to show to the readers as it demonstrates significant changes.

If I had the chance to do this project again I will choose to do the same topic but the timeline will have some modification compared with the current one because I think the video timeline is bit too fast for the reader to catch-up so I would extend the length of the timeline to ensure there are enough time for the reader to read and understood the content before moving on to the next topic. As a digital media arts student it is good to know what has happened in the past that makes today’s technology great in terms of computer performance, graphic realism and software enhancements.


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