Making it Real: More 3D Models & Final Piece

Today, I have made two more 3D models which are the glasses and the watch using the skills and techniques learned from SketchUp tutorials The glasses alike was more focus on how to make rounded edges and free hand drawing techniques since there was not much shapes to chose from the drop down menu so using free hand drawing I managed to draw the temple tip which is the area used to comfortably sit on the ears. As the images shows below, the glasses also used a material called translucent glass to manipulate the feel and look of a real pair glasses.

However, there are issues to join the pieces together to feel more like a real pair of glasses and the problem is that I am not sure how to 3D rotate the glasses’s leg to make it stand up and connect with the frames. This require more practice and wanted to solve this issue in the future.

Next, is the watch and it is the one to be transformed from the virtual world into the physical world and to show in such way that creates interesting relationships once it is printed from the 3D printer. The watch was focus on small details such as the watch hands, holes in the watch strap and the analog crown. The watch came out pretty well I think due to the use of colour and shadow effects to make it more alike a real watch. If I had more time, the watch will be more perfections. For example, watch buckle will be movable instead on static watch buckle and perhaps adding numbers into the watch face. However, due to time consuming , this will be the final printable piece and hopefully get it printed on Monday and ready to present on Wednesday for everyone to see.

Created By: Francisco

Created By: Francisco

Created By: Francisco

Created By: Francisco

Created By: Francisco


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