Making it Real Reflection

This artefact is to use a 3D package to create a 3D model then print the object out using a 3D printer. Once is done, display both the digital object and the physical object is such way to create interesting relationships between the digital and the physical worlds. This project enables me to explore and understand how 3D software and printer works by experiencing different types of tools and features.

The printed physical object was surprisingly looks very much the same as I was expected as it should be, expect there are small details which cannot be printed. For example, the analog crown on the physical object was a fail attempt as it does not show how an analog crown should look like. I am very interested and inspired in 3D modelling which makes me think that I wanted to choose this project as one of the further develop project because it demonstrates how a digital object transformed into a physical object which I can feel and touch. If I had the chance to do this project again, I will ensure the size of the digital object to large enough to print out the details of the watch such as the analog crown and textures on the strip.

I find this project very interesting and would like to create more 3D models in the future because 3D modelling and printing is one of the most talked about topics in the tech world as it enables creators to print out product prototypes and bio prosthetic limbs to help disabled users.

Top view of the 3D object

Created By: Francisco
Created By: Francisco

Bottom view of the 3D object

Created By: Francisco

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