Research & Enquiry: Final Five Sources

11) Cui, C. 2016, “A study of digital games as a new media of cultural transmission”, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), 9292, pp. 49.

The author notes what is the relationship between the game and the art, also why is affecting the society. Digital game is a combination of modern science and technology; art is an imaginative creation but it is the extension of childhood games. The author stated and argued why there are good and bad, some says it is affecting the society. For example, user addicted to the virtual world and separated from the real world which can leads to social problems as media often reports negative influence on society. Some says it is helping the development of modern science and technology as it affecting user’s social life. Also it creates job opportunities and some excellent creations are used in school to teach students.

This is related to my practice as it discusses the relationship between game and art which is beneficial to my study, also there are advantages and disadvantages of any new things. I think if everyone can find the right balance then it will have a greater affect in our social life.

12) Glynn, J. 2016, Guns and games: the relationship between violent video games and gun crimes in America, Skeptics Society & Skeptic Magazine, vol. 21, no 1, pp. 51-52.

The author notes that playing video games enable user to gain a wide range of cognitive skills. For example, a first person shooting game requires a participant to display heightened and accurate attention allocation, higher spatial resolution in visual processing and enhanced mental rotation abilities. The author stated why an average player’s spatial skills has improved significantly by using a recent mental analysis report, it shows that after playing shooting game which has improved skill awareness in terms of prominent as the user get familiar with the game’s environment and requirements.

Therefore, these enhanced cognitive abilities maybe the by-products of the visually lush, three-dimensional navigational space, a prerequisite for most modern video games. The author went in-depth to explain why is has enhanced user’s creativity by stated out playing any video games regardless if is violent or not, it will enhance user’s creative capacity.

This is related to my practice, Digital Media Arts, because if I am planning to create a game of any kind then it is best to know what kind of effects which will affect the player as they play the game. Also it would help to identify the target audience in order to provide the best gaming experience as a whole.

13) Barab, S.A., Gresalfi, M. & Ingram-Goble, A. 2010; 2011;, “Transformational Play: Using Games to Position Person, Content, and Context”, Educational Researcher, 39, no. 7, pp. 525-526.

The author notes that if games were properly developed, it can provide problems, tools, people, experiences, perspectives and consequences to allow user to learn and develop skills as required in a real world situation. The author use role play game as an example to demonstrate that user can improve and apply sophisticated academic understandings learned from the virtual world and transfer into a real world situation to help them to solve complex problems.

On the other hands, it argued that narrative games are playable but realistically user hardly have the opportunity or the ability to solve a real world problem. However, in game environment user have this opportunity to role play and unfold the story-line which becomes user’s own story without tolerating and risking their life to gain real life experiments. I agreed with the author because not all narrative games are simulating to real world problem but some as the author pointed out which is helpful.

This topic interests me because it shows that games are not only for entertainment purpose but also for gaining life skills and use it in a real work situation as well as to solve more complex issues. It also helps me to think about what game really is if I were going to create a game.

14) Murgitroyd, E., Madurska, M., Gonzalez, J. & Watson, A. 2015, “3D digital anatomy modelling – Practical or pretty?”, The surgeon: journal of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Ireland, 13, no. 3, pp. 179.

The author notes that current 3D technology is used for CT (Computed Tomography) scans in order to reconstruct current patient for operation planning. The author further discuss that CT scans are used for planning radial facture and malunion procedures to scan the unaffected limbs and creates a good comparison been the unaffected limb. The database of 3D anatomical models of normal limbs enables a more precise treatment of trauma particularly if both limbs are affected by poly-trauma. The author demonstrated that a number of papers showed that 3D computer modelling improved healing and reduction in post-operative. However, it is failed to show a reduction in theater time but the 3D modelling has improved the surgeons’ confidence.

On the other hands, it argued that the optimal fit of the prosthetic components has not been evaluated for long term benefits but the author of those papers are assume that it can reduce theater time as mentioned before. Also the author argued that it is possible to use 3D models for post-operative radiographic planning and it shows the benefits of 3D modelling in operation planning.

This topic interests me because it shows that 3D modelling is useful for operation planning and it is related to my practice as it enables me to reconsider how 3D models are not only for patients but also to create 3D digital objects for my project.

15) Cao, Y. & Downing, J.D.H. 2008, “The realities of virtual play: video games and their industry in China”, Media, Culture & Society, 30, no. 4, pp. 519-522.

The author notes the video game development in China has become a globalisation and geo-cultural markets, also to show the comparison of single PC and online game markets. The author pointed out that international video game companies such as Sony and Microsoft are not visible compared with companies from mainland China, Taiwan and Korea. The author further discussed why international companies are not making significant revenue, this is because their products are already available online as a pirated version. On the same topic, the author argued that countries and regions with the same cultural has developed into a regional geo-cultural markets as mentioned before.

This topic interests me because it is related to my subject and it informed me about the game culture in different regions and how it evolved into a globalisation and geo-cultural markets.


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