The Unreliable Experience: More Experiencing & Tutorials

The second game maker software I am using is called Construct 2. This is another one which has the most simplest and easiest hands on software. The user interface is less attractive compared with Stencyl. However, its library is much easier to locate and with a few click on the mouse, the code is done.

By following tutorials and experiencing its functions and tool, I have began to create a Space Invaders alike game were user have to shoot the monsters three times before it get killed. However, this basic game compared with the other two basic games is a bit better in terms of playable.

First import all assets into stage. Set the background layer in Background Design (Figure 1) to this desert alike background. In Add Characters (Figure 2), this is were I start to place all characters on stage. The Bullet Behaviours (Figure 3) only contain self movements such as remove itself if is out of sight/screen. The Explosion Behaviours (Figure 4) only has one function which is to fade out to illustrate an explosion occurred. The Monster Behaviours (Figure 5) is the direction of the monster, in this case it moves like a straight line. The Player Behaviours (Figure 6) is were the user have control of the character in order to negative around the scene and to ensure the it does not go outside of the screen. The Game Engine (Figure 7), this is were it drive the game and up dating the scores of the game. The Gameplay (Figure 8), this is performed and tested in Google Chrome via the programme. The only downside is that, it cannot be run outside the programme as it required Construct 2 to be installed if is a free/trial programme otherwise it require a license in order to run outside the programme.

Background Design (Figure 1)
Add Characters (Figure 2)
Bullet Behaviours (Figure 3)
Explosion Behaviours (Figure 4)
Monster Behaviours (Figure 5)
Player Behaviours (Figure 6)
Game Engine (Figure 7)
Gameplay (Figure 8)



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