The Unreliable Experience: Further Experiencing & Tutorials

The third game maker software I am using is called Unity. This is another one which has a lots of tools and build-in functions for me to experience with. The user interface is a lot less attractive compared with Stencyl and Construct 2. However, its library is much more sophisticated but with detailed explanation and examples of how to deploy the code.

By following tutorials and experiencing its functions and tool, I have began to create a simple ball game were user use arrow keys to collect rotating cubs which lie on the ground. However, this basic ball game compared with the other two basic games it is more alive because this is a 3D game and everything looks more standout.

Unity’s User Interface (Figure 1) is very complex and require some time to understand each tools and properties. In Develop Mode (Figure 2), I have created a number of objects such as Ground, Player, Walls and Cubs as well as created a few materials and prefabs. In Cube Rotator (Figure 3) as its name suggested, this c# script is to control the rotation of the cube during game play. In Camera Control (Figure 4), this c# script is to control the perspective of the player’s viewing angle. In Player Control (Figure 5), this c# script is to enable user to move the around and to collect those cubs. In Test Mode (Figure 6), this is how the game should look like and to find out if there are anything need to be change or replace. In Gameplay (Figure 7), this is the finished project and can be run on different platform and the 3D graphic is much better in terms of refresh rate of the game. The downside of using Unity from what I have experienced is that it will take much longer to even develop a simple game like this due to its powerful library and require good knowledge of using this software. However, I am satisfied as this is my first 3D game.

User Interface (Figure 1)

Develop Mode (Figure 2)

Cube Rotator (Figure 3)

Camera Control (Figure 4)

Player Control (Figure 5)

Test Mode (Figure 6)

Gameplay (Figure 7)


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