The Unreliable Experience: Brainstorming & Prototype Game

Started to brainstorming of what kind of game I would like to create from scratch or perhaps using one of the four to develop more such as adding another level or to increase the difficult of the game itself. Have noted down a list of classic games that I wish to create by using one of the three game makers software engine.

Most likely, it will be using one of the existing games that created previously to develop furthermore. However, still thinking of what to add to the existing game. Having created a number of basic games and gained basic knowledge and skills of how to use those game makers engine.

At the moment, only Unity game is executable on standalone workstation but for the other three games they are require the software engine to be installed on the workstation in order to test run or execute. Therefore, more tutorials/research required to find out if it can be execute as an standalone application just like the Unity game.

This prototype game (Figure 1) is a simple game were user is required to collect all of those cubes in order to lose the game. The unexpected ending is instead of wining the game, the player is actually losing the game.

Created By: Francisco
Gameplay (Figure 1)

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