The Unreliable Experience Reflection

This artefact will be using game engine or narrative production system to produce a game or interactive narrative which explore concepts of truth and reliability in order to make the user aware of the relationship they are having with the interactive artefact.

This project enables me to explore different kind of game maker applications in order to understand the tools and scripts for each individual game maker application. I discover that Unity has the best features in terms of tools, graphics, platform support and library. This learning process was very useful and interesting because it was the first time to develop a game using Unity and the application allows me to test run on my mobile device to see how it looks and feel. Although, other game maker application was also useful but it was not as popular as Unity and the game environment feels like classic game lookalike environment compared with Unity was more modern look.

I find this project very interesting and would like to create more games in the future because the game could be developing into a virtual reality game. This project would be one of the further develop project because I want to experience how to create a 3D or virtual reality game.


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