Making Gestures: Planning

For this project I am going to experiencing how to use a software called Arduino to create scripts in order to run the Arduino hardware to execute commands such as blink, fade and pattern LED etc. Once get familiar with the software then is time to create something even more difficult to build such as taking commands from user input or system input then correspond with the appropriate output.

Next, this will be documented in a video format to show what is working or not working and how I solve those upcoming issues. First, I brainstorming to plan out how to use video to document the process of this project.

Below is the plan to show how I going to document the experience of using Arduino, there are two parts for the video documentation. First part is the basic experiments to demonstrate how to use single component to build a simple LED blink and fade in/out. This is to get to know how to build simple circuit board and execute using a few lines of scripts. Second part is the intermediate experiments to demonstrate how to use the previous project to add extra component into the circuit board in order to build a sophisticated project, this will most likely be involve user input such as sensor and analog crown. Also system input and output such as using sensor to detect light source in the current environment and temperature input were it detect the level of humidity, those data will be collected by the system and input into Arduino then display on the serial monitor.

However, the plan maybe get modify as it progress because better ideas showed up at a later stage or perhaps  there is a better way to conduct this experiment. For now, this is the plan I will be following and documented in a video format.

Video Plan.jpg
Created By: Francisco

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