Making Gestures Reflection

This project is about explore the use of a sensor system which allow the user to control media using gestures or other activity as well as document the experiments. The project enables me to understand how to build a sensor system the control it by gestures as it is the first time using a such system.

By doing this project I have gained programming experience which I find it surprised because with a few lines of codes it can detect activities such as sound and temperature. This learning relate to the game project as the artefact was to build the game using simple but efficient codes. I have also faced some challenges. For example, using the correct component to connect to the breadboard even though it did not successful due to the fact that the book was wrongly illustrated but I have tried using different components to see if I can solve the issues.

All in all, is it a very interesting project and have learned how to build and code both the artefact and programming. Had a lot of fun using theĀ Arduino Starter Kit and hoping to do more experiments like this in the future.


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