Media in Performance: Storyboard/Brainstorming

After experiencing with Isadora, I begin to plan out what I might want to include in the project as well as how to navigate and interact with the artefact.

The artefact should include a main menu which has all the interactive components on Scene Editor such as keyboard and sound as a form of user input. Also it should have six scenes, the first five scenes is a movie scenes which has different types of visual effects and using sound to activate those effects during movie playback. In addition, the sixth scene is a background music scene, the goal is to continuously playing in the background even when the user is using sound as input and it should not be distracted by the background music.

The live performance will be recorded in a video format to show how the artefact function and interact. First, I brainstorming to plan out how to create the artefact. Below is the plan to show the steps in order to create the artefact using Isadora. Also it is a continues recording live performance.

Created By: Francisco

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