Media in Performance Reflection

This artefact will explore how digital media and traditions of live performance have extended and transformed each other. This media artefact is a mixture of technology and performance which will be recorded to showcase how technology is combined with performance.

This project enables me to learn how to use technology to improve or enhance live performance in terms of colour, special effects and mix sound. I find it interesting and challenging because I like to learn new application as I can gain basic skills of what is like to use technology for performance at the same time the application was quite tricky as it crashes for a lot of times due to the fact that it cannot handle a lot of components on one stage. For this learning process, I notice that it requires many frames to hold many components which means I cannot place too many components in a frame in order to avoid crash.

If I had the chance to do this project again, I would do the same again because in order to achieve something you have to learn from your mistakes and this is how I learned and know how to avoid it next time. All in all, had a lot of fun using Isadora and hoping to do more experiments if I had opportunity again.


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