Happy Accidents, Genuine Surprise!: Experiment Part 2

Today, I will be continue my journey to explores ways digital media can incorporate chance, generative and/or emergent behaviour to produce unpredictable results.

For this experiment I will be using the following applications to discover what is truly random generative art. In other words, using image to generate random artefact, using letters to generate random music and using code to generate complex generative project. Also experiencing exciting interactive generative arts in order to get more inspiration ideas to create my final generative art.

  • Aleatoric Music Generator
  • Scratch
  • Flash & Math

CHROMATA is a generative digital art tool as it enable user to turn any image into a special animated artefact. The path is based on the image, colour data of each pixel and changing the path based on a set of customised rules. I have uploaded one of my image and using the tool to see how it turn an image into a animated generative art. (Figure 11, 12)

Aleatoric Music Generator is a pseudo-randomly generate tone music using the AudioContext API. This generator allows user input any letters into text field and it will start generate sound randomly, the more letters or words are entered into the programme and the sound will became a user generated music and this is what interactive generative art all about.

Scratch is an visual programming generative art as it allows user to program their own interactive generative arts, games and animations. The user interface is simple as it only require user to drag and drop blocks of codes then compile it to see if there are any bugs. I will be using Scratch to create or experiencing the development of a simple generative art.

Flash & Math is an online ActionScript 3.0 tutorials for developers. I found this website very interesting and helpful as this could be the place were I could seeking helps from. At this stage, is about experiencing a number of examples which is in relation to interactive generative arts, recorded some clips of how each interactive generative arts does and may come up an idea of what my final project will be.

CHROMATA (Figure 11)
CHROMATA (Figure 12)

Interactive Generative Arts


Bromley, M. (2015) Chromata: A Generative Art Tool. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.michaelbromley.co.uk/experiments/chromata/#playground. [Accessed: 13 November 2016].

Butler, E. (2015) Aleatoric music generator. [ONLINE] Available at: http://codepen.io/squints/details/LpQKOZ. [Accessed: 13 November 2016].

Scratch project editor – imagine, program, share. [ONLINE] Available at: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/editor/?tip_bar=home. [Accessed: 13 November 2016].

Fireworks in flash. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.flashandmath.com/flashcs4/fireworks/. [Accessed: 13 November 2016].


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