Happy Accidents, Genuine Surprise!: Generative Art

I start to experiencing with Adobe Flash and followed online tutorials of how to create shapes to display randomly onscreen, I know how to create fireworks effects using purely animation. However, was not too sure how to create fireworks without using any shapes but only ActionScript. After followed those tutorials and successfully developed a very simple generative art.

The tutorials was about how to create circles to display on the screen with explosions around the circle. This process is repeated randomly such as speed of those circles are all different, colour of those circles are also different which  create an very interesting artefact. Once is done and I start play around which different types of variables to see what changes has been to the outcome. Therefore, instead of using circles decided to change to squares, increased the size, time and speed variables. The outcome is somewhat similar but with a different feel to it.

For the final generative art, I modified and changed some of code in order to create something similar to fireworks display with a background to add some interest to the look. Start to research for a beautiful Big Ben background image but in black and white as I wanted to standout the fireworks display. After understand each of the functions then is time to create some fireworks that shoots up in the sky in a random speed. Each of the firework sparks are generated at a random time and colour. Once is done, start to test out the artefact and made small adjustments in terms of size of the shape and speed.

All in all, this artefact has fulfill the goal of an generative art with random outcomes been generated each time, enjoyed using Adobe Flash and gained technical knowledge in terms of without using any shapes but still managed to create shapes using ActionScript. Below are the videos of the three artefact outcomes and screenshots of the codes. (Figure 1, 2 & 3)

Main Class (Figure 1)
Fireworks Class (Figure 2)
Explosions Class (Figure 3)

Generative Arts


London black and white background 52442 (2013) [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.webnode.me/london-black-and-white-background.html. [Accessed: 20 November 2016].


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