Happy Accidents, Genuine Surprise Reflection

This project is in relation to explore ways digital media can incorporate chance, generative or emergent behaviour in order to produce unpredictable outcomes.

This project enables me to understand how application works in order to produce random results. I have learned that it is to do with simple coding because with only a few lines of codes the outcome of the artefact is very different each time. However, the challenge of this project is to experiment with different types of application in order to gain inspiration to produce the final piece.

By do this project, I discovered that I can quickly going through those examples and knowing how to interact with it. If I had the chance to do this project again, I would like to discover more examples so that I can gain more inspiration which may improve the final artefact in terms of more unpredictable activities instead of only one activity. Finally, had a lot of insight view of the topic and enjoyed the development process very much.


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