The Seven Projects: Recall On Self Performance Reflection

Today’s topic is in relation to the seven projects that I have been developed over the course of the past seven weeks as each week we have to develop an artefact and present the artefact in the class, so this is a recall of the things that I have learned, gained and improved. The idea behind these projects are to extended and broaden my knowledge in different areas within the field of Digital Media Arts. Also to help me to choose which two projects that I wanted to continue developing.

The first project, Self-Portrait with Technology, was in relation to produce an artefact based on the idea of your personal identity that projected through a range of media to show how technology is used to construct your identity in a digital work. For this project I start thinking about how I present myself in the digital world such as Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn and other social media. Began the planning and conceptualising process to gain ideas and develop further from there, went through some self-portrait images and to decide which one should be use for this project. The idea is using Adobe Photoshop to create a mask of myself and place it on top of it to demonstrate that everyone has a different side of their own personal identity both in real life and in digital world. This project enables me to think about how I present myself in the digital world by using technology to illustrate this idea.

The second project, Scanning, A journey through Digital Media Arts, was in relation to produce an artefact which shows the reader to explore the history of digital media arts. For this project I start my research and discovered five major fields and decided to explore in Video & Animation by develop a timeline which demonstrate major events which are occurred since pre 20th century to present days. Began to gather images that are related to those events and using Adobe After Effects to show this transition, also during this development process I have gained history knowledge in Video & Animation. This project enables me to refresh and improved my technical skills in After Effects in terms of text animation and decision making between Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.


The third project, Making it Real, was in relation to produce an artefact using a 3D software and translate the digital object into a physical object by a 3D printer. The idea is to show both the digital and the physical object in such a way that demonstrate the relationships between the virtual and physical world. This project is different compared with the previous two project as I did not begin my research instead going through online tutorials of how to use a 3D software called SketchUp and experiencing how to create simple shapes and objects. After gained some technical knowledge, I began develop a watch and a glasses alike objects. This experience has taught me that how to lean a new software in just a few days then start build the artefact, the virtual and the physical object are nearly identical although there are some detailed areas are not fully showed in the final piece, this is what makes the relationships interesting.

The fourth project, The Unreliable Experience, was in relation to produce an artefact using games engine or narrative production system to develop a game or interactive narrative which demonstrate the concepts of truth and reliable in order to aware the relationship with the interactive artefact. Began to experience three different types of games engine in order to gain an insight view of how each games engine function as this may help me to decide which games engine to use for further developments. By going through online tutorials I have successfully created three game that contains basic functionality such as movements of the object, point and shot and using gravity to navigate around. This experience has taught me that how to using games engine to create a 3D and a 2D games within a short period of time and I am really enjoying creating games. Also at the end there was an unexpected result and this enable the user to aware of the relationship of this particular artefact.

The fiftieth project, Making Gestures, was in relation to explore and experiment the use of a sensor system that allows user to control media using gestures and document this process, the software was called Arduino and use Arduino Starter Kit for this experiment. Began sketch out a plan of how to conduct this experiment and categorised two sections called basic experiments and intermediate experiments to show how I learned from basic and using the basic knowledge to develop it further into an intermediate experiment. Those experiments are recorded and label each experiments into a two to three minutes documented video. This project was interesting because it enables me to build something from using a wire to connect different components together in order to build a LED flash or sound detector etc. would like to create more mini prototypes.

The sixth project, Media in Performance, was in relation to explore and experiment how tradition live performance is combined with digital media to become a new types of digital live performance by using a media artefact framework to perform a creative performance with a fix transient. The software for this performance is called Isadora, started to experience with it by going through online tutorials as it is the best practice to learn and gain technical knowledge within a short period of time and translate those skills into the final real time recorded interactive artefact. All of those experiments are captured using screenshots to record the process of exploring live performance. I was not very enjoying using the software because it causes a lot of crashes before I can successfully record a live interactive performance using Isadora, but I have gained some insight view of how creators are develop their real time interactive artefact.

The seventh project, Happy Accidents, Genuine Surprise, was in relation to explore and experiment the ways that digital media can incorporate chance, generative and emergent behaviour in order to produce unpredictable results. Started to explore interactive generative arts and generative arts to gain insight view of the concept. After explored a number of artefacts and media, then is time to develop a plan to start create an artefact to represent this concept. Using a multimedia software called Adobe Flash to develop the idea into an artefact, the end result was interesting because it is a random firework display which I think I have captured the ideas of chance, generative and emergent behaviour as the artefact will produce unpredictable results every time it runs the code. This project has taught me the ideas of not just randomness but also abstract concepts after explored different types of interactive generative arts and generative arts.


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