Methodology: A Change/Improved Of Methodology Over The Course Reflection

After recalled the seven projects that I have developed in the past seven weeks. Now is time to review my methodology over the course to discuss what has changed and what has improved in terms of the way I do, how and where I collect information as well as the logic of what I do and why I have adopted one or two approach to my practice. Methodology is the conceptual logic underpinning how I develop or explore artefacts. During today’s seminar we discussed how our ideas became to be developed into artefact.

Ideas ———> Artefact

How you develop ideas?

  • What materials?
  • How do you read or collect?
  • How do you review and evaluate?

Start by talking to other fellow students to discover what other people’s methodologies are in response to the above questions and discovered that each other have similar approach but with slightly different orders or troubleshooting method. My perspective in this is that I have two different kinds of methodologies. For example, If I am familiar with the software then I will begin my planning or brainstorming to sketch out or to note down what the artefact should include in details as this plan will be used as a guideline for development.

On the other hand, if I am using a new software then I will have to do some research in terms of online tutorials and community forum. This process enables me to learn new skills in a short period of time and use those basic technical knowledges to develop further in order to produce an artefact. After successfully completed the seven projects, I think is based on the topic of the project or technology then I will decide which methodologies should adopt for that particular situation.

However, my best methodology or practice is always to have a plan as the plan is to gather and collect ideas or information in order to visually of what the artefact should contain. The seven projects are the best example to demonstrate how my methodology function, this is also applied to the Research & Enquiry module as I research into the field to gain an insight view of the topic, in this case is in relation to my practice, Digital Media Arts, because I am interested in how academic books and academic journal are showing their methodological ideas and how it related to my practice.


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