The Two Projects: Further Developments

The two projects that I wanted to develop and explore more are the Making it Real and The Unreliable Experience which are 3D modelling and game. After discussed with the tutor I have decided to develop a new projects for both of them because I think I can create something better compared to the first experiment/trial as I have gained some more technical skills and knowledge about the software.

For this further developments I will be creating some sketches perhaps 3D sketches for the Making it Real project, storyboard of the game for The Unreliable Experience. My idea is to create some 3D objects to import it into the games engine to use in the game. On the other hand, it will be two different developed artefact at the end. Therefore, my goal is to show that the two projects are somewhat connected in such a harmony relationship. During this development process I will be continuously to show the development process to the tutor and may ask recommendations for them in order to ensure it is on track.


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