The Two Projects: Project Plan Feedback

After a meeting with the tutor to show the two project plan and had a discussion in relation to the plan to decide with one should use to develop into a working artefact as well as a lot of beforehand research are required. For example, how to import digital objects from SketchUp to Unity. Can use assets but keep it minimum as it will have a conflict with the 3D modelling project. Ensure the artefact is working on a standalone workstation before move on to mobile device. Document asset code if used any and comment each code to show the understanding of each line. Ensure open source assets and codes are free to use and comment the codes that are been modified.

Those are just some of the questions and issues needed to be researched and bear in mind. However, as I start to develop the artefact, there will be more research involved and the plan may get an update if there are other interesting things come up during the develop process.

Professor Feedback

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