Futher Development Project 1: 3D Modelling Project Reflection

This is one of the chosen project, 3D Modelling Project, because I wanted to discovered how to create more sophisticated and detailed models which I will be using for the second project. After the previous learning development, I have gained useful skills and techniques in order to showcase in this further developing project.

This week I presented the progress of the two projects which are the 3D Model Project and the Game Project. At the moment, I have developed two 3D models which will be import into Unity to develop the basic game engine. Due to previous experience I am familiar in terms of tools, material texture and manipulate shapes and sizes. However, there are improvements which I can reflect on for future enhances. For example, the player spaceship could have more details to make it more realistic and lifelike. For the enemy spaceship, it could have a lighter texture or a different colour scheme to have a different feel.

The inspiration to develop those models was from Star Wars artefact because I wanted to should the similar colour scheme to distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys so that it does not require any explanation as the colour scheme allows the player to identify the two objects.  I think this is a best practice due to the fact that the Start Wars is a well-known artefact instead of using text I decided to use colour for self-explanatory.


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