Game Engine Stage 1: Basic Navigation & Shooting

Today, I will be starting to develop the basic structure of the game using 3D models that I have created in SketchUp. The goal is to import the two 3D models and background images for game level stage one. Next, create folders to organise the related sources into one location to ensure the game project is organised and easy to follow if there are issues occurred during development which enables me to quickly locate the problem then troubleshoot it.

After successfully imported the 3D models into Unity, navigate to inspector where I can control the object in terms of object’s movement in the 3D environment, rigidbody properties and adding basic movement of the player’s scripts. I have noticed that the 3D models do not contain the material textures which was applied in SketchUp, will return to this issue after the basic functionality is established.

Gained some experience and online tutorials in using C# in the previous game project, then start write the code to control the player’s object using arrow keys for movement and space-bar for shooting. This stage will not have any enemies that fight back instead it will have NPCs (Non-player Characters) such as asteroids come towards to the player and the player have to either dodge or shoot in order to avoid or destroy those asteroids. The idea behind is to enable player to get familiar with the controls, game environment and the joy of playing the game. The NPCs (Non-player Characters) such as asteroids which are contain C# codes to control the randomness and the rotation of each asteroid are independent in order to create lifelike asteroids.

Import Model Into Unity
Scene Design


Wallpaper – Galaxy Wallpaper HD [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed: 09 December 2016].


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