Game Engine: Problem Encountered

After successfully implemented the 3D models, background, camera angles in Unity. Then is time to implement more codes for the spaceship to shoot towards to the asteroid while it comes towards to the spaceship.

Problem encountered during Game Engine Stage 1 development process:

  • Midpoint of the object
  • Direction of the spaceship shoot
  • Material texture of the 3D models

The first problem was the midpoint of the object was located on the left-hand side of the spaceship as I wanted the midpoint to be set at the middle of the spaceship because I wanted to apply a tilting effects to the object using C#. Although the code is functioning but because of the point was located on the left-hand which means it titled 180 degrees, I am still in search to troubleshoot this issue.

The second problem was the direction of the spaceship shots as during test run the stage, the bullet shots down as if there is gravity pulls the bullet down. I have checked the settings on the rigidbody’s property to ensure the gravity function is disabled. Still unsure why this is the cause, will try using C# to see if is to do with the scripts.

The third problem was the material texture of the 3D models as the texture was not applied to the models after imported into Unity. I have been tried to change some of the settings in both SketchUp and Unity hope that the material texture will stay with the models instead of just a sky blue texture.

The above three issues have been the main tasks for me to perform researches and trobleshooting for the past of couples of days. Unfortunately, only made small steps. On the other hand, the spaceship is moving in all directions in the game environment. also the asteroids are randomly coming towards to the spaceship for player to get familair with the game. Those asteroids are appearing waves after waves in a time gap of ten seconds for the player to get ready for the next wave.

Scene Design
Test Run

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