Game Engine: Troubleshooting

Today, I am continue to troubleshooting the problem which I have encountered during develop the game engine. After looking into the player object settings in Unity such as the three axis registration point of the object and modify the reference point to see if is help to correct the registration point of the object which it did not help at all. Next, went to the Unity forum to see if there are any advice on this issue. Unfortunately, I could not find any advice in relation to this issue but I am sure it is to do with the script.

The direction of the spaceship shots was also causing the game engine not to perform as it expected, this is due to the bullet script which I need to examine again in great details because the compiler does not show any errors of the script. Lastly, the martial texture of the models was not showed after imported from SketchUp into Unity. I have went back and forth to reapply the material texture and import into Unity again to see if there are any luck. Unfortunately, the outcome is that it stay the same after several attempts.

Those are the issues which I have been focused on and trying to troubleshoot before having a meeting with the tutor, I will report to the tutor to seek advice to see what I can do to solve it.


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