Game Engine: Feedback

Today I had a meeting with the tutor to present and report the current progress of the Game Project to discuss the current situation of the game engine as I have encountered technical issues as I have mentioned in the previous post. The texture was not present as it get imported into Unity, the advice is to import the model then add material texture in Unity which should hopefully solve the issue. The midpoint of the model was not centered and the tutor ask me to check the model in SketchUp to ensure that it was created at the center point of the object which I later discovered that it was not at the center point, this solution is to move the entire model and center the model.

Also the shot was not shooting towards to the asteroids instead it falls down as if there were gravity pull the bullet down, the tutor advise to check the settings of the object and the code which I am sure it is not to do with the settings of the object because the gravity effects has been disabled which means it is to do with the C# code and I need to check it again to see which part has a bug.

Further development of the Game Project is to add engine glow to the player object to make it more lifelike. The shot trajectory and the aim line should be considered while troubleshooting the code issue. The perspective of the camera is set to follow the player object as it move around the environment, the tutor advised that I need to consider the parallax player viewing perspective. Also continue the 3D modelling project in parallel while develop the game engine to ensure it is complete within the time-frame.

In addition, the tutor would like to see the game has an alternative content of not just a shooting game but has a different kind of meaning behind it. For example, the tutor has pointed out a number of examples which I can consider such as replacing the player object which a human object and replacing the asteroids with air pollution to bring the idea of global warming. Or replacing the player object with astronaut and replacing the asteroids with mars to bring out the idea of space travel into mars.

This meeting has provided a lot of useful advice for me to work on and consider as well as thinking about what alternative content I can bring to the user.

Professor Feedback

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