Game Engine: Solved Issues

I start to recall the feedback from the professor and going back to the game project to remind myself of the three issues that I am trying to solve before the Christmas break.

There are as shown below:

  • Midpoint of the object
  • Direction of the spaceship shoot
  • Material texture of the 3D models

For the first issue, I went back to the drawing board to review the 3D model in SketchUp to see what has gone wrong in terms of the layer, size and the 3D environment space. The model seems fine so export the model and import it into Unity to see if anything has changed. However, the issues remain after serval attempts as the model still titled 180 degrees. This time, I am pretty sure it is to do with the 3D model in SketchUp rather than in Unity and discovered that the model was not created in the midpoint where the three axis meet.

To solve this, simply highlight the entire object and ensure the object is placed at the centre of the three axis and it should solve the issue. After imported into Unity and replaced the 3D model, save the project and run the programme. The spaceship has finally worked the way I wanted to be.

For the second issue, I immediately notice two issues why it causes the direction of the spaceship shoot. It was my mistake to not checking whether the model was on the correct side up. In this case, the model was upside down and it was on the wrong axis which is why it shoots to the wrong direction.

To solve this, use the rotation setting which was located on the right-hand side panel in Unity then rotation the spaceship to the correct side. Also, change the axis to x axis so the bullet can shoot up towards to the enemies rather than shoot into the background.

For the third issue, I tried to look into both applications to see which one cause the issue as Unity does not show any errors even though I select to import 3D assets. So I thought it might to do with the format of the 3D model. Export the object again and carefully look into each setting to ensure that the object is exported as 3D model. Again, it was my mistake by not checking the appropriate format before exporting it. However, it is somewhat tricky as there are a number of supported 3D format to choose from which means it will take some time to find the supported 3D format for Unity.

To solve this, I have to export the object by trying each one of them to see which types of 3D format have the compatibility to retain the material texture of the 3D model. Unfortunately, it took me a long time as most of the format only retain the appearance of the model without material texture. Again each export has additional export options to choose from which means I have to restart the process again. Finally, I chose to export as 3DS file format and ensuring it is export two-sided faces, texture maps and in meters to retain the originality of the 3D models. Imported into Unity to see if is working or not and I was so happy has some many attempts that it finally shows the model with material texture on it.

Midpoint Of The 3D Model
Spaceship Shooting
Exported As 3DS File Format
3D Model With Material Texture
Spaceship Retained Material Texture


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