Game Engine Stage 2: Shooting Enemies & NPCs

Today, I will be continuing to develop the game engine in Unity. For NPCs (Non-Player Characters) I have decided to use assets from the Unity store but the main enemies will be used and imported from SketchUp. The reason that I have not design the NPCs in SketchUp is because due to the fact that I have spent a lot of time in the spaceship and enemies design. Therefore, others will be sourced from the Unity store such as background music, gunshot effects and NPCs.

Although, I have successfully implemented the code for navigation and shooting but my experience in Unity is relatively new as is it the second time using C#. So I have to do some in-depth research to find the suitable assets for the game engine and look into some tutorials of how to implement NPCs as well as implement those enemies which can come towards to the spaceship and shoot at the player.

I have discovered that Unity has tutorials of how to implement a space shooter game that only has NPCs come towards to the player and the player will have to destroy them in order to gain point. This is a very good start point as it allows me to follow those tutorials and trying to understand how to implement it and make it more interesting.

Shooting Enemies & NPCs

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