Game Engine: Problem Encountered

Start to import all the relevant assets such as the rest of the enemy models, audios, materials, textures from the Unity asset store. Organise it by filling into the corresponding folder for easy access during development stage.

Followed the Unity tutorials of how to create NPCs that come towards to the player as this is the main focus of this tutorial and for advanced tasks is where enemies imported into the game and shoot back to the spaceship. After followed the tutorials I discovered that the version they used was not the latest version of Unity also the coding syntax has slightly changed as some key words was obsoleted. This has cause run-time errors and I have to find a solved to work around it before it can move on with the implementation.

Problem encountered during Game Engine Stage 2 development process:

  • NPCs not destroyed after contact
  • Enemies shoot backward
  • Explosion showed on different location but not on enemies

The first problem was that the NPCs are not destroyed after as it continues to use computer memory to stores it property, even though there was a boundary to ensure it get destroyed after contact as the game progress, the speed and fluent of the game was dramatically decreased which cause the game very lagging after the first NPCs wave.

The second problem was that the enemies shoot backward and this has caused the most issues as the tutorial do not contain this part, even though I have reused some of the code from NPCs to control the enemies’ movements but was not too sure of how to enable them to shoot towards to the spaceship.

 The third problem was a tricky one as the explosion showed on different location but not on enemies, the idea is to once the enemy get hit by the spaceship it should display an explosion on the enemy to indicate a successful attack. The NPCs has this implemented but was not sure why this is not the same case with the enemy attack.

I have been going back and forth to review the Unity tutorials to see if any of the steps was incorrectly implemented and syntax errors. Unfortunately, I am still working on those issues and trying to understand why and what has caused this happened.


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