Game Engine Stage 3: Game Levels & Comment Source Codes

I am very delighted that the game is now more playable as it can display waves after waves and each wave will have a mixture of NPCs and enemies that trying to attack the spaceship at a random speed and time in order to create a truly unexpected game experience.

Now is time to create more levels, maximum three levels and each level start from easy to difficult. Also start to add comments to the scripts in order to provide a better understanding of each method’s function and features.

For level one, this is a beginner level as I want the player to get familiar with the game’s environment and there will not be any enemies at this stage. This is all about get used to the control of the spaceship, practice with the shooting angle and see how NPCs come towards to the spaceship. In order to pass this level and progress to the next level, player is required to meet a specific score values.

For level two, this is a normal level as there will be some enemies will show on stage at each wave or may not as it is randomly picked by the random method to determine how many enemies show on stage. The enemy is trying to eliminate and stop the spaceship to progress into the next level. The enemy on this level is one of the three models because I do not want to show all the models at the level but has increased its difficult slightly for player to feel the challenge and the enemy is worth more points than the NPCs. Therefore, if the player wants to progress to the next level, player is recommended to eliminate enemies in order to gain more points to move to the last level.

For level three, this is a difficult and is the last level as all of the enemies will be showed on stage in each wave. Each wave is more frequent as all of the enemies are trying to eliminate the spaceship. The speed and enemies on stage has increased to a level that the player will not survive so easily after a period of time. As this is the last level, there will not be any required score values so as long as the player alive then the game will continue. Also each level allows player to restart its current level so not matter which level, the player will always have the chance to progress to the next level without start all over again from level one.

Finally, I wanted to go back to the scripts and start make comments on each method to state its function and features. This is a best practice because it enables me to understand which method is which if I want to extend the game further also useful to detect code errors to avoid unnecessary time waste.

Design Game Levels
Comment Source Codes

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