The Two Projects: Improvements

Although, the 3D modelling and game project are both completed but there are many areas and aspects which I can improve more if I had more time to develop further in order to improve its overall gameplay experience and visual appearance.

Here are the areas and aspects I would like to improve on:

  • Different spaceship models at each level
  • Main menu redesign
  • Scoring table

If there are more time to develop the 3D modelling project, I would like to create two more additional spaceship models so that it can have different spaceship for each level. this is because I wanted to give a different types of spaceship for the player to control rather than using the same spaceship throughout the game.

For main menu, due to its simplicity design or perhaps a bit too simple. Therefore, I would like to have the game title to be redesigned such as the font could have a similar feeling to the space invaders font as at the moment I am using the standard font from Unity.

This game does not feature a score table so I would like to have a button which takes the player to the score leader board page where player can view their scores compared with the previous scores.

All in all, both projects are now completed and I had a lot of fun to develop these projects and gained knowledge in using 3D modelling application and game engine maker application.


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