The Two Projects: Reflection & Learning Outcomes

The two projects have enabled me to learn a lot from 3D design to programming language, C#, used in Unity. Therefore, I would like to reflect on what I have learned and the areas I could improve on if I had another chance to develop the two projects again.

  • 3D modelling design
  • Using 3D models in Unity
  • New programming language (C#)
  • Problem solving
  • Time management
  • Methodology

This is the second time using 3D modelling application for this project, because of previous experience I have the basic knowledge of how to interact and create 3D models to be used in the game project. This 3D modelling project allowed me to experience and try to create some sophisticated models compared with the previous model.

Although, my experience in using Unity is still at beginner level but because of this game project I have learned how to import the appropriate 3D format into Unity as I had issues in how to import 3D models into Unity but also retain material texture. Through, this experience I understand how to create detailed models and import into Unity in a correct method.

My experience in using C# programming language is relatively new but with the of tutorials I manage to understand the syntax and keyword in C#. While, I had problems with the version I use is different compared to the one in the tutorials as the one I use is the latest version. Also, there are some syntax and keywords are obsolete in the latest version of Unity.

This experience has improved my problem solving skills such as skim through reading materials and understand the error code in order to find the corresponding answer. Tutorials and forums has helped me a lot in terms of finding similar solution and make some adjustments so it can solve my problem as well as to see what other readers suggest in relation to solving programming bugs.

I should have created a gantt chart before go into development stage as the gantt chart will enable me to organise the time better in terms daily tasks and weekly milestone so that I have an idea of what stage I am current on instead of going back and forth also to have more time to develop the two projects even better.

My methodology for the two projects is that I have done some research in spaceship and enemy spaceship to get an idea of how it looks like then noted down the shape and use of colour scheme before creating my own models in SketchUp. At the same time, started to develop the basic game engine in Unity to ensure that the models I have created are working as expected before going back to the drawing board to create more 3D models. Also when I am facing a problem, I tend to stop and trying to figure it out myself first before research about the problem. This way I can find out which part or section that cause this particular piece of code not functioning.

Finally, I had excellent time in develop the two chosen projects and gained a lot of useful tips and techniques, even if I had difficult time trying to solve 3D modelling issues and programming issues. all in all, I am very happy with the final outcome.


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