Interdisciplinary Project

Today, we are starting the next adventure in Digital Media Arts. First things first, we had a quick ice breaker event by going around the seminar room to meet other fellow master’s students as well as introduce myself to them.

Next, we have placed into a group of five from different major such as games art & design, graphics design and film & media but under the creative art umbrella. The first group work was to make a light projector using materials such as paper, an LED light and batteries, we managed to make a simple square light projector within the time limit. Although, we have spent some time in ideas as well as troubleshooting but as it was the first group work and I think it went well as a group. Looking forward to working with other students to build-up a strong relationship as a team.

The name of the interdisciplinary project is called Light Fantastic where we as a team to make an artefact which will be displayed with a light projector for a gallery exhibition on the 7th of February 2017. In order to achieve this, there are a number of tasks we have to complete as shown below.

  • Produce an artefact using a light projector
  • Create a group blog to document the development process
  • Perform a peer review for each group member
  • Write a 500-word reflective post

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