Initial Ideas & Reserach

Today, I’ve had about two-and-a-half-hour meeting with the group in relation to our initial ideas and how we can implement it as our final artefact. We had a long discussion on the ideas as all member posts some very interesting ideas on the group blog. At the end, we finally have three initial ideas to experiment on next week as we wanted to perform experiment in order to discover the weakness of the implementation.

Here are the three key aspects we taking into account:

  • Time it took
  • Level of difficulties
  • Audience interaction

As we wanted to know how long it will take for our group to implement the artefact as we only have about one and a half days to implement our artefact before exhibition. Also we need to consider the level of difficulties in terms of technical setup such as equipment and software because this enable our group to understand if this is feasible within the timeframe. Finally, we may consider involve audience interaction which means we would like the audience to take part or as part of our artefact, this level of interaction will be more engaging and provide better experience.

However, this will involve a lot of in-depth research and tutorials in order to identify the equipment and software that will be used to create our artefact. Also it indicates whether our initial ideas are achievable or not through experiment which take place next week during our group meeting.


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