Group Activity: Eggcellent

Today’s seminar is in relation to build some sort of object to protect an egg is not damaged while it lands on the ground, is about two floor high by using the provided materials as shown below.

  • Card papers
  • Two deflated balloons
  • Piece of long string
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape
  • Double-sided tape

Next, we had about ten minutes for planning and about twenty minutes to build an artefact to protect an egg. Planning stage took a lot of consideration and discussion because we as team wanted to ensure our plan enables us to build a suitable container alike object in order to ensure that it will not damage after land on the ground.

After the ten minutes’ discussion, we come to an agreement that we build a tube to wrap around the egg with two inflated balloons on each side to act as a cushions to reduce the impact on the egg. For extra safety, we used a large card paper and attach four strings on each corner which acts like a parachute to reduce gravity force. This is attached to the tube which a lot of sellotapes to ensure that it will not disconnect while it drop on the ground.

Finally, we have managed to create our object which protects an egg then we start the experiment. Luckily, our planning payed off that our egg is still protected after it landed on the ground.


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