Belbin Test: Self-Perception Report

We have been asked to complete an online questionnaire called Belbin which is used to evaluate self-perception team role and this is what it showed on my self-perception report.

What is distinctive about my profile?

Your profile shows that your sense of dedication to your chosen field of interest will have played a big part in what you have managed to accomplish so far. You are a person who strives to succeed.

What is my personal contribution?

You are likely to contribute most in situations where you can use and build on your existing knowledge and expertise. Here you should try to establish yourself so that in time others can rely on you for information about your area of specialism. However, as you progress, you are likely to be faced with the choice of either continuing on a narrow front, or broadening the scope of what you do. This decision will be based on your current circumstances. If you decide to broaden your role, try to spend more of your time getting out and about. The aim would be to take a wider look at the problems that are appropriate for you to tackle. You may, however, prefer to form a close working relationship with someone else who can focus on what is going on around you.

My preferred roles are:

  1. Specialist
  2. Shaper
  3. Implementer
  4. Resource Investigator
  5. Completer finisher

My least preferred roles are:

  1. Coordinator
  2. Plant



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