Conference Call & Group Work

After had about one and a half hours of group conference call in relation to our initial ideas and each group member perform some experiments and provide either a draw based or text based walkthrough storyboard to show what is going to look like if we were start our installation. We have five initial ideas and we have to experiment how to implement it so that we can discuss the advantage and disadvantage of it in order to finalist our ideas to three then maybe into one idea as our final decision. I started to experiment the idea by draw out the walkthrough storyboard which contains two outcomes as shown below.

  • Dynamic Interaction – Enables viewers to provide inputs or contribute to the artefact.
  • Static Interaction – involves technology interaction as viewers are only viewing the artefact.

Once is done, I started to experiment my idea to get a sense of how to make this installation possible and understand how to interact with the technology. There are a lot to be discuss on tomorrow’s group meeting as I want the group to know the drawback and issues that I had through the experiment.


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