Light Fantastic Exhibition

On the day of the exhibition we were continue working from morning to build the dark room, painting the wall and start connecting all of the equipment. The group member has been assigned to an individual task in order to ensure that the build is complete on time, two or three were working on construct the dark room. Once is complete, two of the members start to paint dark room and cover the roof with materials. Next, we start putting the equipment up and created some posters to place on the wall.

However, we had some technical issues as the min mac’s system requirement cannot support the software we required called “Adobe Lightroom” which means we had to use other workstation, one solution was to use the laptop as we have used for technical testing. Luckily, we were able to load the software and connect it to the camera for a final technical testing. Before the deadline, we managed to complete the build and solved the software issue. There were two monitor located outside of the dark room to display the artefact and a looping video documentation to showcase the process of it.

Finally, the exhibition was successful as it enable user to experience light graffiti by interplay with torch, captured by the camera and processed through software.

Here is the link to the group blog:

Here is the link of the video documentation for the light graffiti:


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