Reflective Evaluation

This is a reflective evaluation in relation to the group’s creative and conceptual development processes and how this interdisciplinary project may affect my future practice in terms of how I generate creative solutions as a Master Digital Media Arts student.

The group’s creative processes involved everyone to research into a topic in relation to light and upload a post onto the group blog for all members to review and discussion during the group meeting or the video conference. All members were extremely active as we all made a number of posts such as light projection, interplay with light, shadow puppetry, head-up display technology, 3D projection mapping and hand shadow art. Those are the research topics in which the group has taken into account in order to develop the initial conceptual ideas.

Through the research journey, we have developed a number of initial ideas for discussion such as light graffiti, projection mapping, shadow puppetry, 3D holograms and thermal imaging. The next stage is where all members are required to perform an in-depth research into the topic in order to understand how each works so that we can understand how to implement it or if it is achievable. Therefore, the task is to understand how it work and produce a walkthrough storyboard and post all results to the group blog for discussion and to show how each can be implemented before deciding which conceptual ideas should further develop. After showed all of the walkthrough storyboard and discussed thoroughly with the group members and decided that light graffiti will be our final idea to further develop and to be exhibit at the art gallery.

After working with diversity of master students through this interdisciplinary project, I gained knowledge and understanding of how each member played an important role within the team in terms of technical skills, time management, team management and team spirit. Those will definitely have an impact to my future practice whether working as an individual or in a team in terms of the way I generate creative solutions. For example, if I was working as an individual I would consider mapping out all the possible research topics in order to develop the initial conceptual ideas before deciding the final idea as the creative solution. On the other hand, if I was working in a group then it is best to identify their technical skills in order to assign the appropriate task rather than all doing the same task, this way it would speed up the development process as well as gaining more time to finalist the final conceptual idea. Therefore, it will depend on the situation that I am working with in order to produce an affective creative solution.

Finally, I am very happy in working with different major master’s students as it taught me how to collaborate with other student and the technical skills they bring into the interdisciplinary project as the team was highly motivated throughout the development process. Also, meeting and making new friends through this experience and everyone made an important impact to the project as a whole.


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