Final Concept Idea

After serious consideration I have decided that the concept idea for further development will be an open source systematic research database, a customisable search engine, in which I will be presenting the idea in a form of presentation format to demonstrate the idea. Besides, we have been given a self-check inventory check list that provides an assessment of how well it communicate the concept’s essential aspects to others.

At the moment I have not come up with a name for the concept idea but with a working idea called “An Open Source Systematic Database”. In a short sentence, a search journey getting to Alexander McQueen or an open source customisable web based search engine into Alexander McQueen.

After reviewed the existing search system I discovered issues such as when search for a specific author it also shows other unrelated artefacts within the same search results. In order to establishing authority, the customisable search engine is able to find the artefact without errors, no mixture of other collections/artefacts and it is achievable.

Those are the project objectives:

  • To the Alexander McQueen’s collections/artefacts
  • To enrich research methodology
  • To enable undergraduate students and beginners to material-based research
  • To enable better database access
  • To gain in-depth knowledge in web and database design (Developer)

Features of the tool – Less is More:

  • Customisable web based search engine
  • Filters in years, release date and collections
  • List and grid view
  • Collections of the artefact
  • Simple User Interface (UI)
  • Enrich User Experience (UX)

Since the concept idea will be very much under the same structure but with modern web interface. This is a version 2.0 of its existing system which will be developed using advanced technologies and methods such as new available hardware and improved programming language.

The physical layout of the web tool will have the following elements:

  • Modern web interface
  • Contain far less buttons
  • Without adverts
  • Description of the artefact
  • Zoom in/out of the artefact

Measuring its quality and user experience through:

  • Shneiderman’s eight golden rules
    • Interface design
  • Heuristics evaluation
    • 10 usability heuristics for UI design
  • UX (User Experience) metrics
    • External metrics
      • Client support performance
    • Internal metrics
      • Form usage and Q & A

Finally, in order to make the pitch memorable when presenting in front of the V & A panel, I will including an outstanding logo, creative UX and UI storyboard and catchy/creative slogans. Also have a questions and answers session for panels to ask questions in relation to the concept idea.


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