Suggestions Before V & A Presentation

After showed my personas and diagrams to the professor, he suggested that for the knowledgeable user I should change the section where it stated his job title and major responsibilities as a previous job so that it won’t conflict that he is the director of the company. The other issue he pointed out is that the storyboard should use different characters so the panels won’t get confused with them, and finally he say overall is very good.

As a whole, small improvements including the Victoria and Alberts presentation, personas and storyboard. The final issue he suggested that I don’t need to present the data flow diagrams, use case diagrams and use case descriptions as it gets too technical and the panels may not understand but I could mentioned that I have produced technical diagrams if they interested to see at the end.

Next, the professor asked me that do I have any ideas for the major project. However, I have not ideas at the moment as I am focusing on the current assignments but I probably do something in relation to 3D modelling and game development again. This time, I would like to develop some small games or casual gaming applications. The professor suggested that I should look into history of video games and play some of the classic remakes as he recommended to create a few casual games with contents.

Professor Suggestions

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