V & A Museum: Presentation Day

Today, I was at the Victoria and Albert Museum to present my concept idea to the panel. The presentation was around ten minutes long although they did not specific the time limit during the introduction. I present the concept idea in a form of a slideshow and include diagrams such as personas, storyboards, experience model and additional technical diagrams to aid understanding of the proposed idea. I think I have demonstrate and sent out a clear message of the idea as the panels seems to understand my idea which is called “Search Intelligence” in a nutshell it is a customisable search engine for knowledgeable and beginner users to discover Alexander McQueen’s collection.

The feedback was given after all the maters students have presented their presentation to the panels. We have been given a general feedback in terms of that everyone had a different approach to the ideas of search and discover McQueen’s collection. The feedback for my presentation is that I have showed a clear path of the bother users are interacting the system using storyboard to show a walk-through of the system, experience model to show how user interact with the system and technical diagrams to show an in-depth review of the system such as how it functions when interaction and how it response to user request.


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