V & A Museum: Reflection

The concept idea development has enabled me to an insight view of how an organisation such as the Victoria and Albert Museum set a commercial task. The research and investigate process has taught me to understand how the existing system works before developing a concept idea to overcome some of the issues that the current system may have. In order to have a finalised idea, it is best to develop a few more of the same kind but the interface could be difference due to who is the target audience.

The personas and diagrams development has taught me that in order to establish your idea firmly and persuasively it must have some kind of evidence to demonstrate the idea to the panels. The persona is the preferable choice to illustrate the kinds of target audience may access the system and diagrams such as storyboard and experience model is to demonstrate the experience of using the system and experience of the user. This is very practical as it showed me that, to have a memorable pitch it must have the above elements to demonstrate to the panels.

Furthermore, it would be useful to have produced a prototype of the system to enable panels to test run the basic functionality of the system as it enabled them to have an insight view of how it might look like and how it work. This is one area I need to work on if I am doing similar project in the future.

Another area I have learned from this experience is that there are always rooms for improvements such as the personas, diagrams and the presentation pitch as I showed to the professor and they suggested some helpful ideas for me to improve on. For the personas, I have improved the use of real artefact images instead of carton images to enhance its visual communication. In addition, I have also produced technical diagrams to show how the system response to user enquiry and show the level of details of the system. However, sometimes it may not require to produce such diagrams as the panels may not understand these technical diagrams.

All in all, this concept idea development has showed me that it is important to research and investigate into the organisation before you can decide what you want to do. Secondly, the best practice is to produce any evidence which supports your presentation pitch as this will likely increase the possibility for them to remember what you have presented.


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