Creative Economies: Video Editing

Today, I am continuing working on the video essay as I have completed with the telephone interview and script writing. I start to record voice overs of the questions and arguments which I will be using for the video essay, spent a couple of days of that and generated around twenty  voice over clips which I need to edit it alongside with the interview clip to ensure it is matching both the questions and the answers. In the video essay, there are diagrams and graphics to show how funding are spent in each department especially in the arts and culture sectors.

I have run into some issues for example, the video essay was longer than I expected which means I have to go back to Adobe Premiere Pro to cut down the video in order to suit the required time limit. Also, for referencing I noted that it has to be grouped such as report, news articles and radio etc. for a clear understanding of what kinds of sources that I have used to produce the video essay.


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