Creative Economies: Reflection

As this module is coming to an end as I have submitted the video essay yesterday. Looking back to how I develop this artefact, I have spent a large amount of time in research and contacting each individuals and unfortunately not many replied as I expected due to the fact that some say they don’t want to conduct a Skype interview or due to annual leave. Therefore, I quickly change my plan to conduct a telephone interview which eventually one interviewee replied and he is happy to conduct a telephone interview for about half hour long.

If I had the change to do this artefact again, I would probably provide two options for each individuals to choose from instead of only offering one option, and provide a more simplified questions for interviewee to review to avoid rejection. Lastly, if I had more time I could make the presentation style video essay to be more interesting as my research topic could be dull as it is about figures and statistics in relation to funding issues that affecting the creative industries.


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